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and why does she want me to heal?

Inita Nicole Callaway, known as INC, chose the latter path to her pen. In 2017, she emerged from a difficult divorce, and in 2018, she launched her successful blog, "The B – Logs.". As INC embarked on her healing journey, her creative spirit flourished, allowing her to become a compelling storyteller and an advocate for women on their paths to continuous healing and becoming.

INC has ghostwritten eleven published books. Her exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, have paved the way for collaborations with a diverse range of personalities, resulting in exceptional projects.. Her work ethic has afforded her the privilege of working alongside NFL Hall of Famers, Division I college coaches, and numerous professionals.

INC founded Inita Nicole Creatives Agency, a business that encompasses content creation, book writing, business writing, creative consulting, workshops, and personalized motivational messages for countless women annually.

INC will paint a vivid picture of what an unhealed woman looks like because she was once that woman. This course is for the woman is tired of producing the same results. 

How dope would it be to have a homegirl who you can glean from? A friend who you can learn how to start this heart work journey from. She will not judge, over talk , or condescend your thoughts with snide remarks, but will listen while you learn from each other...... A friend who can empathize with being in the seat you're in now..........

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