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Consistently, Inconsistent

Before I share this utterly concerning and pressing notion, please understand this a good ol’ old school chin check to ME. In no way am I trying to tell people how to navigate their lives. I’m finding my own footing and that is consistently changing as I grow into the better version of me. But this is the conversation I have with myself. This is the conversation I’ve had to myself. Countless days. Countless months. Years if I’m candid. I’ll start on the noble side of the fence, then end up flat on my face licking my inevitable wounds. I’ll dust myself off, look around, and tackle that thing, again, at some point, not immediate, or even at all. Hey….we are being honest here. That thing is CONSISTENT SELF DISCIPLINE.

I toiled for days about sharing, but I know countless people can relate.

Get Acquainted with Being Uncomfortable

Discipline is uncomfortable.

Our brain will tell us we can, but our body will constantly try to keep us comfortable. Who doesn’t like to be comfortable? I know I do. Give me a good book, some snacks and a comfortable position on my sofa and it’s a wrap. 39 minutes later, I’ll be snoozing, comfortably when I was supposed to be disciplined to read. Weight training is no different. Doing military press with 10-pound dumbbells is very comfortable for me. When the trainer yells, “get the 30 -pound dumbbells,” I get an attitude because I was comfortable. Comfortability does not help me stay discipline and reach my goals, but it feels good. It starts in the mind. We must train our brains to keep moving, even when it’s uncomfortable. That’s discipline. Then the discipline must be retained consistently.

I’ll get in a routine, a comfortable routine, then I’ll try to add something else and lose control like riding a bike and fall flat on my face. Lack of consistent self-discipline. Then the Faustian bargain comes into play and makes me cower then cave. The Faustian bargain is compromising oneself morals, values or beliefs for something less rewarding in hindsight, that ultimately compromises who you are. Daily I struggle with doing what feels good for the moment to instantly gratify me or doing what’ll benefit me in the future. [We all battle with ourselves, yes, even Beyoncé!]

If you’re wondering what has me perpetuating cycles and wondering like a confused nomad. It’s simple. The lack of consistent self-discipline.

You may think, INC, you’re right on the money.. I’m not a gambler, but if I was, I would bet because consistent discipline is a full-time commitment that we [ me, especially] less than part time exercise. We can all discuss in great depths about a commitment we made, but the lack of discipline set us back to the drawing board licking our wounds. I have a laundry list of them: working out, reading, washing my car, writing a piece, twisting out my afro, folding laundry, shopping, boundaries, and etcetera. Make mental note of your areas...[Group exercise]

How many times will we travel in circles? For me, I’m willing to do it until I get sick of the

same results in every area of my life. Little consistency, little results. Big consistency, big results.

Recently, I listened to Jim Rohn speak on discipline and he made a simple statement that had me in my feelings for at least 24 full hours. This man doesn’t even know I exist, but I took valuable time being pissed at the hard truth. When I finally stop Drake’n it, I was able to see the areas where I needed to fix.

The same discipline it takes to make your bed every morning is the same discipline it takes to complete any goal. Each day it builds up a routine for you to keep completing other tasks.”

So Jim, you mean to tell me, if I had been disciplined enough to make my bed every morning since I was a child, consistently, I would be at my optimum weight. Well, I’ll be damned. Let me share a little secret with you. [It’s not really a secret, I’ve mentioned it already.] Discipline is not comfortable. It’s not supposed to be, but it’s supposed to build something in you that produces something greater than you currently are.

Bust a Move

Don't just stand there, bust a move. If you want it, you got it. If you want it, baby you got it!”

I may be dating myself with this lyric from Young MC. [Some of the younger readers may have no clue who that is, Google is your friend.] On the contrary, you’re as young as you feel. [I feel 26, btw] Point being, if you want it, you must do it, bust a move. Nike tells us to “Just do it.” It’s as simple as that. Each day steadily move toward a life of consistent self-discipline. "If you want it, you got it!"

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