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Good & Plenty AF

When is enough, enough? How many ways can we ideate being sufficient or being adequate?

Growing up, I can vividly recall my mom yelling at my younger brothers, “that’s enough” during their endless games of horse play. Her threshold of tolerance for horse play had run its course. What about having dinner at your favorite restaurant and eating until you’re stuffed? More than likely the words, “I’ve had enough” finds a way to escape your mouth. Experiencing the perils of an unhealthy relationship shoves you into a corner until one day you muster up the courage to say, “this is enough” and you take the necessary steps to remove yourself from the situation. One of my favorite movies, Enough, starring Jennifer Lopez, was an excellent depiction of this. We can take a deep dive into this banter all day long and it still not be enough.

The question remains: when is enough, enough?

Several years floated by before I comprehended when enough was enough – in all areas of my life. Each area of our lives is interconnected, they bleed over. The habits are the same. [Topic for another time but look at what you do in one area, I’m willing to bet it mirrors the other areas in your life.] For my 40th birthday, I received the smallest gift, but it was one of the best gifts I had received. It was a $20 ring that had” I AM ENOUGH” engraved on it. There was nothing spectacular about the ring that stood out other than those powerful three words. Nothing to see. Nothing to admire for hours. No infinity stones. It was a regular degular ring. During this time, I was struggling with being enough. I was trying to make myself palatable for people who thought poorly of themselves. How sick is that? How could anything ever be enough? This was a toxic game of beating a dead horse. Trying to work up to a standard to someone who questioned their own validity was like shooting at a moving target. You never land on anything. Who created these blurred lines anyway? We did, in our own minds about ourselves. When all the time, we are enough. All the time, we were enough. The candy, Good & Plenty, had been telling us for over 120 years and yet and still – we think we’re not enough.

From the most nominal gift, came the greatest reward for me. Each time I looked at those words, a jolt of energy bolted through my mind reminding me that I’m worthy. Once you understand you’re worthy, you walk different, you talk different, and you become unapologetic of people who cannot understand you. The confidence level becomes unmatched. The minuscule $20 changed the game for me in so many ways. I slept in it, bathed in it, worked out in it, shopped in it and spent the next three months breathing in what being enough looked like for me. I’m here to tell you, you are enough. No matter what stage of life you’re in, you’re ENOUGH. When you realize you’re enough, it then makes you want to strive to CONTINUALLY become the best version of you. There is a new level of you to unlock often.

Get in the habit of declaring that we’re enough in the morning. Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, do it anyway. Look straight in the mirror at you and let it rip. One cannot read it enough, see it enough, or listen to it enough. I thought I’d mastered it, but by the time I was 40, it was not nearly enough. Each stage in our lives presents a new obstacle.You deserve what you dream about, what you prayed about, what you’re destined to be.

"You may need to say it to yourself. So yourself can hear yourself say it to yourself. Then yourself will start to believe it. You will then be able to live a life for yourself because you are GOOD & PLENTY AF!"

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