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When collaborating with INC, you can expect a comprehensive approach to content creation. INC will meticulously craft original content by engaging in thorough research and conducting insightful interviews, with the client's specified subject matter.

To ensure transparency and project cohesion, INC will provide the client with a shared content calendar. Additionally, there will be regularly scheduled weekly check-ins to discuss project progress and address any pertinent matters for the upcoming month's projects.

Each document produced will undergo a rigorous editing process, with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to factual accuracy. The finalized documents will be delivered in both Word document and PDF formats on agreed-upon dates, ensuring a seamless and convenient exchange of materials.

INC's content creation packages operate monthly, offering a structured and consistent voice.


  • 1 - Blog [up to 500 words]

  •  1 - Article [500 words]

  • 4 - Social Media Write-ups [up to 250 words]

  •  1 - Revision per piece


  • 1 - Article [1K word]

  • 2 - Blogs [up to 500 words]

  •  8 - Social Media Write-ups [up to 250 words]

  • 1 - Revision per piece


  • 2 - Article [up to 1k words]

  • 16 - Social Media Write-ups [up to 250 words]

  • 4 - Blogs [up to 500 words]

  • 2 - Revisions allowed per piece


INC specializes in assisting aspiring authors craft their story to produce the best project. This is an intricate process that typically spans a minimum of 8 to 10 months. INC firmly believes that ghostwriting is a deeply immersive experience, one that benefits immensely from face-to-face interactions. These interactions serve as a foundation for cultivating an atmosphere of vulnerability, trust, and fluidity, which are essential elements in the creative process. The meticulous procedure encompasses exhaustive research, client shadowing where applicable, extensive interviews, data collection, substantive editing, meticulous copy editing, stringent proofreading, adherence to deadlines, and more. Throughout the entire process, INC maintains an unwavering commitment to integrity, confidentiality, and the pursuit of excellence.

For more detailed information, please don't hesitate to reach out, as INC is readily available to provide additional insights upon request.


Please note that any necessary travel accommodations, if the client is not local to the greater Atlanta, Ga area, will be additional to the tailored ghostwriting package. INC does not function as a publisher but collaborates closely with a preferred publisher to ensure that the result is an impeccably edited manuscript, primed for the printing process.


INC's area of expertise lies primarily in the genres of self-help and personal journeys, making her a trusted partner for individuals seeking to bring their transformative stories and wisdom to life in book form.



INC adheres to a systematic approach to ensure the success of each project, beginning with an essential initial consultation. During this consultation, INC will thoroughly assess the objectives of your business or brand, engage in discussions regarding creative direction and brand voice, to determine the feasibility of establishing a productive working relationship. To initiate this valuable consultation process, a non-refundable consultation fee of $150 is required. However, if you decide to proceed with INC's services, this fee will be deducted from the overall cost of the services you select. Upon signing up for INC's services, you can anticipate the development of a comprehensive strategy tailored to your services. If applicable, INC will also provide a monthly content calendar, ensuring a structured and organized approach to your project's execution. This methodical approach guarantees that your creative endeavors are well-guided and efficiently executed.




Pain has a unique way of either making you surrender or stand. Inita Nicole Callaway, known as INC, unequivocally chose the latter path to her pen. In 2017, she emerged from a difficult divorce, and in 2018, she fearlessly launched her successful blog, "The B – Logs." For 25 years, INC found solace in writing, but her lack of confidence confined her words to the walls of her mind and the pages of her notebooks. However, as she embarked on her healing journey, her creative spirit flourished, allowing her to become a compelling storyteller and a passionate advocate for women on their paths to continuous healing and becoming.

INC's talent as a ghostwriter has seen her work grace the pages of eight published books. Her exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, have paved the way for collaborations with a diverse range of personalities, resulting in exceptional projects. Her work ethic has afforded her the privilege of working alongside NFL Hall of Famers, Division I college coaches, and numerous professionals. In 2018, she penned her own book titled "I'm Writing My Wrongs, I'm Not Righting My Wrongs”.

Driven by her passion for creativity, INC founded Inita Nicole Creatives Agency (dba INC Writes), a business that encompasses content creation, book writing, business writing, creative consulting, workshops, and personalized motivational messages for countless women annually. She firmly believes in the power of words and advocates for their mindful use, recognizing their ability to shape the world we experience. She often poses the question: "Words are expensive; what price are you willing to pay?"

Beyond writing, INC finds joy in art, music, books, personal growth, travel, fashion, food, fun, faith, and family. These spaces of life inspire and invigorate her, fueling her commitment to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

"Creativity is reimagining a known idea and developing a new outcome!" - INC

INC Writes


INC will write your entire book/ ebook, develop a direction, and work with you intensely to create a well written project.


INC will produce well written copy that strategically appeals to your clients/consumers. Become a thought leader for your area of business with clear consistent content. INC achieves this by making your originally tailored content accessible through blogs, articles, infographics, social media posts,, email campaigns, and newsletters.




To inspire, evoke, and intrigue the mind by creating timeless content which influences the five senses. Providing a human experience that will broaden the imagination, inspire, and ignite change. INC Agency seeks to create supreme content that is curated with integrity, inclusivity, and excellence.







"Having someone with a multifaceted approach when it comes to my editorial needs was ideal to reach various audiences. I have recommended her to several of my clients and colleagues. They were equally impressed with her talents and professionalism to meet their content needs. I will be working on a new project in the near future using INC."

KT, CEO, The Komfort Group




- Kelly Cole, CEO, Publishing Advantage Group
"It was  a pleasure working with Inc Writes. Having collaborated with my project, I can attest to her responsiveness, dedication to excellence and commitment to keeping her clients happy.  The ability to work with her and to see my project come to life has been especially valuable to me. God Bless. "

- S.D. Plummer EL, Author 



- Zohn Burden,  Pass Game Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach, Duke University 
"Inita made my book writing experience comfortable and fun. Her energy made it inspiring and easier to bring more out of me. Although this was my first book, she gave me confidence and confirmation to write more books. She was a perfect fit for me and my spirit. "

- Monte Sanders, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Author, MBS Fitness Lab





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